post phd program

Are you ready to utilize your academic skills?

Our Post PhD program is aimed at shifting your academic career to a corporate career.  We will focus on your knowledge and skills and take them to a senior level within 12 months. 

Your dream career forms the basis for finding a challenging assignment with one of our renowned clients.  Most days you are working at our client’s office under the joint supervision from Mploy Associates and the client. Biweekly you will work a day at our office to follow different trainings.

To further prepare you as a high-end professional, you will also carry out a number of projects for NGOs with other consultants. You can think of predicting humanitarian disasters or identifying risk factors for certain diseases. This way, we do not only boost your experience but also take care of the world around us.

The ultimate goal of the Post PhD Program is to accelerate your development by using your academic skills in order to be ready for the desired career move at the client as a high-end specialist or manager.

Training program

Besides working for our clients, you work 1 day every other week in-house at Mploy Associates where you, together with your Post PhD Team, follow a personalized coaching and training program. Our training program lasts for 12 months. In these months we will work on your personal skills as well as your technological skills.

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  • Business Development
    Develop a professional character with tools to navigate in different business environments.

  • Personal Development
    Learn how to brand yourself, manage your energy and give the presentation your manager sure will remember. Develop your personal skills to a next level!

  • Technical Training
    You will also develop your technical skills. You can learn more about Python, SAS, SQL, Basel IV and many more!

  • Time Management
    Learn how to divide your time and energy efficiently. What approach works for you and your projects, what are the different methods you can use. The benefits of developing an agile workflow and many more topics.

POST PHD positions

We provide the following two tracks in our Post PhD Program:

Post PHD quant modeLler

Do you have the guts to ensure that our clients make informed, data-driven decisions? Do you see that models are essential for the survival of banks and insurers ?

Post PHD data expert

Do you want to know the story behind large amounts of data? Do you see that data is at the core of the current financial system? 

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