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Video & photo creative

Content that you want to see, not because you have to see it. You understand exactly what we mean by this. Videos, commercials, storytelling, social media, and flashy photos are things that will make your heart beat faster. Putting Mploy Associates on the map together with other creatives is what we want. What we still miss: a video and photo creative to make this happen.

What are your activities?

Our brandguide is your bible and you know exactly how to start a new project from storyboarding to the last edit hours. To be more specific:


  • You’ll work together with not only your own team but also with other teams within our company
  • Sometimes, you lay the creative groundwork for new projects; other times, you expand upon existing ideas
  • You come with new ideas to take our social media to the next level with creative pitches and mood boards
  • You know your way around with creating spot-on concepts and stories that are in line with the project’s objectives
  • You enjoy to flesh out scripts and provide creative direction for VOs, camera movements, transitions and other storytelling elements
  • Planning and production? Let’s go. You know all the steps needed to make that perfect shot and enjoy planning ahead so the big day itself runs as smoothly as possible
  • And last but definitely not least, you help carving out the brand identity on a visual level. And enjoy discussing all the different approaches needed to visualize our brand

What are we
looking for?

We are looking for a creative mind with an eye sharp as an eagle. You spot good images and compositions straight away and know the secrets behind those images. Furthermore:

  • You know how to provide ideas and direction for video and photo-based projects
  • You have 2 years’ worth of creative experience working across all stages of video/photo production
  • You can share a portfolio of works that showcases your proficiency in coming up with social-savvy video concepts
  • You can create compelling stories in any format.
  • You’re also comfortable briefing others within the company and explaining to them what is expected from them to make the best content.
  • You’re able to look after multiple projects at once
  • As part of a constructive feedback loop, you can give and handle criticism without taking it personally
  • You know how to maintain a positive vibe and can inspire coworkers to go the extra mile

What do we offer?

You will have the best colleagues. For real. Further:

  • An excellent salary in your bank account (yes, also a performance bonus) and fringe benefits
  • Compensation of costs for car or public transport and laptop
  • Great team activities
  • A (very) tasty lunch every day (if you still have good ideas, let us know)
  • Fun Friday afternoon drinks. Guaranteed
  • There is also plenty of room for personal development

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