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We connect and develop high

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Because we believe that investing in talent is the most sustainable approach to a successful team. This is what we call a talent focused approach. Our approach.

Based on this approach we are able to offer high quality consultants in the areas data, finance and risk who are also enrolled in our Talent Programs to work on their professional, personal and technical development.



From recruiting to training, we got you covered.




Our business consultants are always up for a chat to talk about any future challenges ahead. How is your team set up for the future? We love discussing what is possible and do this free of charge. We believe in sharing knowledge, but of course, also like helping you further along the road.




To find the best candidate for your team, We have automated the search for the most-suited candidates by using an AI-driven robot that searches through known databases for candidates. This results in high potential candidates which we can introduce in 5 working days.




All of our consultants except interim professionals are enrolled in our Talent Program where they will work on their personal, professional and technical development. This way we do not only guarantee a successful project, but also a steep learning curve for the new talent in your team.




When seniority is key, we deploy experienced senior interim professionals on short-term assignments. By applying an efficient selection process, providing learning and development facilities and taking responsibility for project delivery, we ensure outstanding results for your team.


The process behind our Talent Programs

What’s up

What is your challenge for the coming months or even years? Talk to one of our business consultants and we will create a clear overview of the current and future challenges within your department and where help is needed to complete the challenges.


Every organization has different needs to create their ideal team to generate a lasting impact in the future. During your meeting with our business consultants, we will have a look at how the team is put together and where the required skills are needed to become a productive, futureproof team.

Once we have a clear overview of what is needed from you, we get to work on finding the ideal candidate. Let’s start searching for the perfect candidate.


Our ambition is to find the perfect match for your projects. We have automated the search for the most-suited candidates by using an AI-driven robot that searches through known databases for candidates.


We have a talent first approach, meaning that in the search for talent we do not stick with geographic boundaries and this has resulted in more than 15 different nationalities working for us. We look only for high potentials with a least one Master and secondary activities such as exchanges or a commission year.

All our candidates have a career interview with the Talent Acquisition team in which we dive deeper into one’s ambitions and the skills. We use various testing and development methods such as created VR-games to test their technical skills.

Due to this approach, we have a continuously up-to-date Talent Pool which allows us to offer a suitable candidate within 5 working days.


We have a match! Perfect, let’s get to work.
A new surrounding, new people, new terms… all things that influence how quickly a new talent get’s used to his new responsibilities. We help with that.


Nowadays, we all work for a large part from home and therefore the onboarding of the Talent is essential to start working efficiently.

Since we are official sponsor of the IND and have experience with strict quality controls of our clients, we ensure a fast up- and running of our Talents in your team. Together with your new Talent and a Talent Manager, you will create a development program and set future goals and milestones.

Based on that, the Talent will be given an intensive program with our Talent Manager to get them started during their first weeks with you. We work with framework contracts to ensure fast processing towards a quick start of the new Talent.


The Talent is all up and running, so how do we make sure their development stays on track? Our Talent programs are focused on three area’s of development: personal, professional and technical.


The Young Talent will work for the client 36 hours a week and reserve 4 hours per week on their development.

Personal development involves individual coaching by our Talent Managers. They attent a Talent class of a maximum of eight other Talents who are all working for different clients. During intervision, they discuss with other experts about the current challenges of their projects and outcomes.

Professional development involes guidance to become a leading role in a corporate environment. Such as training in presentation skills, stakeholder management and other relevant skills such as getting CFA or FRM certificated.

Technical development involves training to further develop relevant skills in programming languages such as R, Python or SAS.

Missing something? Let us know. Our Talent Programs are completely customizable based on the desired skills and knowledge.

Lasting impact

We promise to train your new Talent to a medior + level within 12 or 24 months in our Talent Programs. But what happens in the meantime, and more importantly, what happens after that?


Every three months, we send a report on the Talent’s progress. Every six months there is a measuring moment with the Talent, Talent Manager and client, during which the development plan for the next six months is set up.

At the end of our Talent Program, you can expect a natural leader or expert, who knows his pitfalls and strengths and masters the latest skills and knowledge. They will form the new base of your future seniors, who will successfully generate a lasting impact on your company.

We ensure a lasting impact because after completing the Talent Program, the Talent enters internal employment. This way you keep the knowledge in-house and you have a highly developed new Talent.

Talent focused.


Nikita Reshetnikov | ING



At the accounting and product control department of one of our banking clients, we have been responsible for the monthly, quarterly, and annual closing of all market products and financial instruments of the client like shares, options, swaps, etc. On a daily basis, the profit and loss statements have been created and reported for the trading department to monitor portfolio and risk movements. The main aim of this project was to automate this reporting process and generate insightful and real-time visualizations in SAS and Power BI.


Nivedita Prasad | ABN AMRO



The main responsibility of this Young Talent Project was that the data of one of our asset management clients is correct, delivered on time, and is complete. Furthermore, our colleague had to make sure that their performance data remains GIPS compliant (e.g. by setting standards, defining key requirements, and taking the lead in representing the team in company-wide meetings). The main activities were validating the data, ensuring the client stays GIPS compliant, en invent novel ways to analyze and combine data more efficiently.


Nivedita Prasad | ING

Power BI


Responsible for sourcing data to a data warehouse and visualizing this data with Power BI. The ultimate goal was to produce reports for both the customer and internal management. Questions that had to be answered were: how does the organization work? What is needed from the customer? What must be delivered? Is the correct information being looked at? If information is missing, how can it be found and how do we communicate this with the supplier? This resulted in developing and maintaining internal and external reports and dashboards, creating visualizations and reports for internal use as well as for customers, and testing the reporting logic to be delivered. Main result: a flexible environment with meaningful management dashboards.

Fidias Efthymiou | ABN AMRO



In this large project at one of our banking clients, we have been responsible for sourcing and analyzing big data sets for risk modelling and reporting purposes. Daily activities in these roles were: discussing data requirements for different risk models with the risk modeler, create an inventory of the relevant databases within the bank and gain access to them; combine tables (merge / link) and aggregate data in SQL and/or SAS and/or Python; apply Data Quality Analyzes, for example, course over time, missing values, extreme values; – Investigate plausibility of the new data; – Document the data sourcing process and descriptive statistics and discuss this with the business parties. The main challenge was to create high-quality datasets and interpreting these with help of business stakeholders.


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