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What is A

As a modeller, you will support corporate decision-making by developing and maintaining quantitative models. A quantitative modeller is expected to have a multitude of skills including advanced knowledge of mathematics, finance, statistical modelling, data mining, and the ability to create computer programs using languages such as C++ or Java. In addition to a challenging position as a Quant Modeller, the Post PhD Program also offers you a personalized program in which you will learn both the technical and soft skills required to shift your academic career to a business focused career.

What are your activities

as a quant modeller?

Together with a team of talented colleagues, you will develop the next generation of models. These models not only need to adhere to regulatory standards but will also strongly contribute to the survival of the organization. You will perform data analyses to find logical connections with the help of SAS, Matlab, R, and/or Python, and prepare data requirements for the development of the models. Your day-to-day responsibilities include:


  • Investigating the best methods for modelling risks or pricing
  • Developing models through regressions, stochastic methods or other investigated techniques
  • Calculating capital impact of the new model
  • Documenting model development process and results
  • Making an inventory of the possibilities to implement the model in IT systems

What are we
looking for?

We are looking for PhD graduates with different quantitative backgrounds, experiences, and passions. To specify:


  • You have 0-3 years of work experience and want to learn about the most modern modelling methods, tooling, and data processing technologies
  • You want to put your mathematical knowledge that you have gained during your master into practice (e.g., Econometrics, Mathematics, Physics or another related study)
  • You are excited about modelling and programming in Excel, SAS, Matlab, R or Python
  • You do not hesitate to use your analytical skills to solve complex problems creatively and logically
  • You are energized by stakeholder management and you are well adept at gathering reliable information
  • You are ambitious, self-reflective and dare to be confident in an authentic way

What do we offer?

We offer the opportunity to become an expert in data analysis in an environment where we train you in a proven way to excel into a high-end professional. In addition, good working conditions are equally as important to us. This includes the following:


  • Working 4 days a week at a large bank or insurance company in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or The Hague
  • Every other week in-house training with personalized and professional coaching
  • Regularly fun team activities with the other Young Talents; think of escape rooms, drinks and dinners
  • An international working environment with PhD graduates from all over the world
  • Pro-deo Post PhD projects at socially relevant NGOs
  • The opportunity to make the next career move with the client after successfully completing the Post PhD program
  • And of course, a competitive salary, performance bonus and fringe benefits
  • And don’t forget a public transport card and a company public transport bicycle

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