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That the future of our young talent is in your hands does not scare you. It only makes you more motivated. You know exactly how to captivate your audience and how to bring them to unprecedented heights. And no, these are not long-winded lectures but interactive flashy sessions where the energy level goes sky-high! In a safe environment, where they can develop themselves. And the one who makes that happen is you!

What are your activities?

As a Talent Trainer, you become the person who takes on the personal and professional growth of more than 30 academically trained Young Talents and Post PhDs. You prefer to train and motivate others all day long. Do you also speak some other languages? That’s great! You will be working with more than 10 nationalities, but if you only speak Dutch and English is also fine. Furthermore, you are the one who:

  • Provides flashy substantive and personal training four times a week to Young Talents, Post PhDs and other colleagues

  • Lifts our training courses to a higher level by bringing both content and assessments in line with the latest insights

  • Makes sure the training courses are interactive and fun, by showing off your acting skills or cool videos!
  • Measures competencies and bringing them to the desired levels

  • Is closely involved in the further implementation of our Young Talent Program and Post PhD Program

  • Ensure the relevant accreditations and certificates for the programs

What are we
looking for?

You are the one Brené Brown gets jealous of, a very passionate and enthusiastic trainer with the following features:

  • Completed education at HBO or WO level
  • A house in (the vicinity of) the Dom city, Utrecht
  • Experienced in a similar role, preferably at a bank or insurer

  • Very flashy presentation skills where you will amaze your audience every time

  • A real motivator who is able to bring out the best in colleagues, you are highly empathetic

  • A driven and organizational talent, independent, creative and solution-oriented

  • Fluent in Dutch and English (speech and writing)

In addition, you are interested every day to learn more about personal development and to brush up on the content of technical subjects.

What do we offer?

You will have the best colleagues. For real. Further:

  • An excellent salary in your bank account (yes, also a performance bonus)
    and fringe benefits
  • Compensation of costs for car or public transport, laptop and telephone
  • Great team activities
  • A (very) tasty lunch every day (if you still have good ideas, let us know)
  • An independent position in an entrepreneurial and innovative environment

  • There is also plenty of room for personal development

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