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At Mploy Associates we specialize in facilitating interim professionals on challenging projects in the area of data, finance, and risk. In cooperation with a team of our interim professionals, we regularly carry out advisory projects in which we take responsibility both for the content and on the agreed timelines. Due to our ability to understand complex and challenging assignments in detail, we are not only a good sparring partner of our client, but we can also support our interim professionals where necessary.

To get a better picture of what projects we do, scroll a little further on this page. There you find some recently completed projects we worked on.

Are you an experienced Interim Professional in the data, finance, or risk domain? Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our open interim positions and the interesting possibilities we have available for you. You can leave your email address and a message below and we contact you as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe we have a cup of coffee together soon.v

Our benefits

Are you an experienced Interim Professional in the finance, data, or risk domain? Then you know that these things are definitely relevant. We offer you the following benefits:

  • Transparent and efficient acquisition and administration processes
  • We have an active focus on finding assignments which meet the development preferences of our interim professionals
  • We are NEN certified and ensure that we are fully compliant with GDPR, AVR and DBA.

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