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MAY 2018

In 2018, the founding partners of Mploy Associates shared a vision to guide a new generation of leaders and young professionals in the data, finance, and risk industry. From that vision, a start-up was created that identifies as a talent focused consultancy firm.

From that day on, Mploy Associates kept building upon that vision to create the best talent focused services. Recognized by top tier clients and high-potential graduates, we are rapidly growing nowadays and have over 50 colleagues who share that vision.

What does Mploy Associates do?

Mploy Associates has several successful approaches for solving interim and advisory issues. We provide a large network of interim professionals, and exclusive Talent Programs to develop and guarantee the best talent for projects at our top tier clients in the financial industry. We are specialized in data, finance and risk. Are you a high potential graduate? Click on the button below and find out more about our distinctive Talent Programs.

Why are we
doing this?

We envision a world where talent delivers lasting solutions within the areas of data, finance and risk, due to talent-focused training programs. It was and still is our mission to provide the best talent-focused training facilities in order to change the way our high-potentials build their careers, so they can help our clients make lasting improvements in the areas of data, finance and risk.

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how we take responsibility

Every year, our consultants carry out a couple of pro bono NGO projects. We do this because we find it important to share our skills and knowledge with the environment we work in. Recently we advised War Child on their funding strategy using some state-of-the art forecasting methods. Other examples are predicting humanitarian disasters or identifying risk factors for certain diseases. Also in this way we try to contribute to the world of tomorrow. Click on the button below and find out more about our distinctive Talent Programs.

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